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Our coaches are sanitized at each journey and we are loyal in compliance with all national and European regulations, in order to guarantee maximum safety for our customers and workers.


We believe that the safety of our clients and workers is the key for a successful trip and an enjoyable experience.


A safe journey begins on land, when the engine is off. Each driver is provided with a safety manual, reporting rules and procedures that must be strictly followed in order to perform their task in full safety.

Our drivers have medical certification that allows them to perform their delicate task. This certification is yearly checked by doctors specialised in working environments.

Each of our workers has followed courses concerning safety on the working place and is provided with personal protection equipment, as defined from the Italian Decree 81/2008, to the purpose of working properly according to safety measures.

We plan our trips in order to grant the best degree of comfort and safety to our passengers. Destinations are analysed basing on: location, roads, loading/unloading areas and parking places.
The professional experience of our drivers is fundamental to monitor daily the efficiency of our vehicles. Potential anomalies are instantly signalled to our offices and reported through on board documentation.


All our vehicles have European licence for people transportation.

They undergo a yearly governmental revision to verify their full functionality. Specifically: brakes, wheels, signalling devices and emissions are tested.

Moreover, our vehicles are provided with a valid insurance policy, up to a maximum ceiling of 30.000.000€.

Fire extinguishers and first aid kits are present on board, which are also periodically revised.

All our vehicles are provided with safety belts, acclimatisation, reclining seats and footstools.

We strictly respect the driving rules dictated by the European Community (European Social Regulation CE n. 561/2006 concerning transports on road), as follows:

Daily Work: 13 hours maximum with one driver, 21 hours maximum with two drivers

Daily Allowed Driving: 9 hours maximum. Every 4h30min of driving, 45 minutes of rest are necessary.

Daily Rest: 11 subsequent hours


Safety is our number one priority!

And now, please relax and enjoy your journey. We will take care of everything else.