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Local Villages


Nominee as One of the most beautiful Italian villages Half-day escursion Visit in full comfort to the beautiful medieval village of Cervo, with the Clavesana's Castle, the Etnographic Museum, the marvelous Corallini's Church, the Oratorio of Santa Caterina ( sec. XII ), along with many other historical buildings and characteristic alleys with shops of artist and artisans. CONTACT US FOR FURTHER INFORMATIONS


Enchanting medieval village in Val Nervia A visit to the picturesque medieval village of Dolceacqua. Main attractives are: the Castle belonging to Doria family and the hump-backed bridge famous because painted by Claude Monet. Moreover, in this charming hamlet you will find shops of artists and artisans, selling typical products such as the Rossese wine and the “Michetta”, a kind of sweet bun, which has been a local specialty since [...]


Terrific plant species and an amazing sea view Most beautiful and precious botanical garden of our region Liguria, located on a cliff and sorrounding a wonderful Villa belonging to Hanbury, english family that started the botanic collection.  Recently, this gardens were appointed as “Regional Protected Area”, and due to the many remarkable plant species, are managed by the University of Genova and the Hanbury Association. CONTACT US FOR FURTHER INFORMATIONS


Pearl of the Cote d'Azur Visit Menton, fascinating french village located at the very beginning of the Cotè d’Azur, not far from the Italian border. It is known for the Lemon Festival, the beautiful main alley (the Budello) with shops of typical products, souvenirs, French bars, restaurants and the XVII century fort built on the shore. CONTACT US FOR FURTHER INFORMATIONS